Train to become a certified cybersecurity superhero for just $33

The A to Z Cyber Security and IT Certification Training Bundle

It only takes one tiny security oversight to cost a company millions of dollars in damages. That’s why organizations are rushing to recruit as many cybersecurity specialists as possible.

You can be the defense that every company needs by signing up for the A to Z Cyber Security and IT Certification Training Bundle. Today’s the perfect time to start too since this bundle is 97% off right now, with an additional 15% off using a promo code.

This enormous 114-hour training kit is designed to turn you from cybersecurity zero to systems security hero. It’s made with beginners in mind but can still benefit seasoned veterans as a refresher course.

The A to Z Cybersecurity and IT Certification Training Bundle

In this bundle, You’ll explore various techniques to combat hackers by becoming an ethical hacker yourself. You’ll test networks for vulnerabilities, and find ways to prevent them in the future.

You’ll connect with a bunch more things along the way, but the most crucial feature of this bundle is preparing you for seven cybersecurity exams. These certifications are vital to helping you impress employers, which include major ones like GSEC, CISSP, CCSP, and CompTIA Security+.

The A to Z Cybersecurity and IT Training Bundle:

Altogether, this bundle is valued at more than $1,400, but during this temporary special offer, you can get all 12 kits for just $39.

But wait, there’s more. Earlier, we mentioned a promo code, and here it is. Copy and paste SAVE15TODAY at the checkout page to bring your total down to just $33.15.

Over 500 people have already enrolled, so don’t miss out. Hit that button below to sign up.

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